Ordered and Unordered Lists

Ordered and Unorderd lists

With lists in HTML you have a different possibilites and they are used more often then expected. You can created numbered lists (1. 2. 3. ...) and dotted lists.

When you want to use numbers in your list they are called "ordered lists => ol" in HTML.



The ol tag also requires a closing tag:


When we want to create a dotted list instead of a numbered list, it is called "unordered list" and we need to use the "ul" tag:



By now we have only defined the list itself, but no items in the list. To add items, you can use the "li" tag (list item).

A simple example for an ordered list cool be the score list of football clubs:

    <li>Bufallo Bills </li>
    <li>Miame Dolpins </li>
    <li>New England Patriotsv</li>

An example for an unordered list would be:

I like:


Specialcharacters & Entities in HTML

Some signs are diplayed as special characters in HTML. This is done, to be able to encode all special characters in foreign languages with the 128 sign ASCII charset, and to display characters that are used in html itself for tags (like < and >).

Common entities are for example: