Line breaks and spaces

Force line breaks in HTML

A line break can be forces with the <br/> tag. "BR" is the abbreveation for brake row here.

To add our forced line breaks we need to change the content of our HTML document like this:

Now we will see a line break at the parts where we've inserted the <br/> tag. We now know how to force the browser to break a line, but how to insert an empty line?

Empty lines with HTML

To have an empty line after a content block, you can simply wrap each block into <p></p> tags.

Your browser will automatically add some space after the paragraph:




In the browser the page looks like this:

On the previous pages we talked about structural elements on a website. Browsing the web wouldn't be as fun as nowadays without the styling and visual effects on the websites. Cascading Style Sheets - CSS help us to make websites visually nice.

The next chapter will give and introduction into CSS and how it can be used on your website to make it nicer ;)